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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Farewell, Miss Ruth.

My neighbor died Sunday as a result of smoke inhalation from a small fire in her house. She was elderly, but very aware of life.

In 2005, we bought the lot where our house now sits from her. But we didn't meet her then. Or at closing, since we did that long distance. We met her in late 2007 after we actually moved here. In early January 2008, construction was started on our home. She was so gracious, letting the contractors park in her extra driveway, never complaining about the early work habits, the debris or anything that I heard. She was generous and such a wonderful neighbor.

We had conversations in that extra driveway many times. I learned she lived in the Detroit area for a long time before heading back to Tennessee. Her husband died long before we heard of this little college town, and she missed him.  I could see the frailty set in over the last few years. And yet was surprised at her age.

I will miss her husky voice and friendly demeanor. Farewell Miss Ruth!

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