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Friday, March 5, 2010

Frustrated Friday

Actually, it should say Frustrated Monday, as that was the day that I discovered this great blog due to Google Alerts. The Genealogy Gals had a great blog on "Trying to Get from Here to There" which I found totally enjoyable because, HELLO, here are people who work like I do.  But could I tell them that? No, because on their blog you have to register with Word Press to leave a comment. I'm not gonna do that, and they may not ever read this, but Well Done, Gals!

The other thing that bugged me was that they mentioned my blog but did not link to it. If I find something I truly like, I try to share it by linking it to the blog or to their name. Also, they got my blog wrong it is Gene Notes not Gene-Notes. I know they were referring to me, because they have discovered a related disease to OCFRD - Family Research Attention Deficit Disorder or FRADD. I can so identify with it, and I am sure those of us afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disease are also afflicted with FRADD.

Regardless, check out the blog. It's great!

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  1. And I hate having had to register with Google to comment on some blogs (thankfully not yours). I guess it is really not fair, just like mom said!

  2. I went to the site you mentioned and tried everything to comment. The whole system is bad, bad, bad. Apparently, with you have to have a username and password for each site. I don't have time for that, so I am frustrated, too. I looked for a comment link, since I am sure there is a way to change that in the site's control panel, but could not even find an e-mail link or anything. I guess I won't be reading or commenting there, It is too hard.

  3. Granny Pam, As far as Google, get a gmail acccount, that will act as your sign in/register data from many blogspot blogs. Tis free, comes with mega benefits.

    I went and read these gals blog, some fine writing, but, as you say, quite difficult to leave comments. I note they have very few comments, now you know why.

    Sad, it is a nice blog.

  4. I actually contacted the Genealogy gals, and they responded by fixing the comment problem and adding a comment box. Her first response:

    "Thank you for letting me know the problems. I didn't intend to make it that much trouble and I will figure out how to fix it. Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated! Hope you'll check back and see if it is easier to comment and to find me to contact. (Fixes probably won't happen until tonight or tomorrow, since I'm off to meet up with Judy, the other genealogy gal, and a friend of ours. And I *have* to watch the first "Who Do You Think You Are" on tv this evening.)"

    This morning I received a response that it was fixed, and it sure is! Yea!

    As far as Google, I do have an account, and use the reader. But my blogs are self-hosted Wordpress and I hate HAVING to use Google to comment, since I cannot link back to my blog when doing so.

    I do have a "fake" blogger set up that links to my blogs so I can use Google to comment, I simply prefer the name/url option.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. TennLady,

    I have been trying to leave you a comment to apologize and let you know that I am really sorry (and embarassed!) to have gotten your blog name wrong and not linked to in my post. This has been corrected as has the comments problem. Thanks for the very kind words and I hope you'll check in with us again.


  6. PS: I'm a Michigander by birth as well!

  7. Pat, glad you fixed it, you have a great blog!