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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Thoughts on the 2010 Census

My sort of tongue-in-cheek take on the 2010 census.

Did you wonder what the Census bureau is spending on the census? I've read anywhere from 11 to 14 BILLION dollars to count residents of the United States. I have no idea what the mailings are costing them, but so far I have received three:

1. Notice that the census would be arriving soon.
2. The census. Which I promptly filled out and mailed back.
3. The postcard reminding me to fill out and mail back.

Do you remember the stimulus package? It was supposed to create jobs. I think it created 14 here in our little 'ville with the creation of bus service. Mostly the stimulus package has been a dismal failure. You wonder what this has to do with the census? Well, the census bureau has to hire people to go out and collect censuses that have not been returned. I guarantee that if you hang on to that census form, they will come and get it. Put your neighbors to work and let them come and get it from you. Even if it means it costs stimulus dollars.

Then, after the census worker has picked it up, record that in your genealogy.

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