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Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is Really FUN!

Reading Karen's post over at Genealogy Frame of Mind - Winstead Wednesday and I will admit I never got beyond the second line. Why? Because the name Eudaley popped out at me. I had seen that name somewhere, recently. For the last couple of weeks I worked on some Chinns who lived mostly in Ohio county, Kentucky and one - Elijah Rodney Chinn married a Mary Eudaley. You have to admit it is not a common name. Karen and I both got to work and sure enough my Chinn married one of her hubby's relatives!

At this point, we exchange some pedigrees and I see another name on there - Tarpley. This is one of the surnames that connects to the Chinn line even further back and to what I consider the legitimate line of Rawleigh and Esther Ball Chinn. I descend from Rawleigh and his mistress, Margaret Ball Downman. Oh fun.

Now, what was I working on before?

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  1. Cousins, mine, you had entirely TOOOOOOOOOOO much fun while I was out walking the Bellingrath Gardens for six hours, I was working out, you were having fun. Hmmmm???? Have to figure out who had a better day! LOL

  2. We are descended from a bastard line? That is totally awesome.