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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do I Work on Next?

 I'm finishing up cleaning out my "folders."  These folders are the ones on my PC that hold my image files for addition to my database. I have a census left to do and then four death and/or marriage notices to enter. Then basically I am done with that stuff.

Then, if I choose, there is a bunch of Chinn family stuff to work on that I work on in between working on census, births, marriages, deaths, etc.

Or I could go outside with DH and get a head start on the gardening since the weather will be nice for a few days.

I wonder which one will win?

I wrote the above a few days ago and this is how it played out. First I started working on my Chinn family. The Chinns are a direct line and I've been working on the lines all the way back into Virginia when the legitimate and illegitimate lines meet. What can I say, it is an interesting family.

I worked on that for a couple days and then worked outside doing some spring cleanup in preparation for DH to throw down fertilizer and pre-emergent on the grass. He used the leaf sweeper, which was made necessary by the fact that our next door neighbor's lawn people only blew her leaves into piles, so they ended up on our lawn during the last heavy winds. I hooked up the vacuum attachment to our electric blower and sucked up all the leaves around the house, in the wells around the vents in the back of the house and around the downspouts and the bushes. I did a little raking around the birdbath and feeder out front and sucked lint out of the dryer vent.

On DH's trip to the local box hardware store I scouted out plants. I'm looking for some BIG ornamental grasses. While I really love our west side neighbor, I don't love her grandson's vehicles that she allows him to park on the side of her house. I think some of those nice tall grasses will fit the job nicely.  I'm looking for a red hot poker "Lola."  It is interesting and colorful. And those flowers are gorgeous!

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