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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Things Just Don't Make Sense Until You Do the Research

I have been searching for the sons of Thomas Holt and Jemima Jane Foor for many years. I knew who they were, and have some basic information on them, but that was about all.

 So I started my search for once again for Dr. Warner Holt. The last mention of Dr. Holt was a 1920 census record. But, I never found even a death notice. I did find that he was removed from his position in the Pension Office for stating that pensions had been given to bald men. He was reinstated after his statements were substantiated.

On the 1920 census, Warner is listed as a widower, is residing as a boarder and is still in Washington, D.C. Anna is living with her brother, Spencer Greer and his family in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has her daughter, Edith with her. Anna is listed as married, but W for widow is crossed out.

Over the years, I have looked for Dr. Warner Holt on Find-A-Grave. I did finally find the record along with an image of his headstone. With the death date, I was able to finally find a death notice for him dated December 15, 1939.

My attention then wandered over to his wife, Anna Greer Holt. She was not buried with him in Washington, D. C., but I found her in Sunset Cemetery, Clinton, Anderson County, Tennessee. Further investigation, found her daughter, Edith Holt Sams also buried there. The 1930 census revealed Abel and Edith Sams with mother-in-law Anna G. Holt (born Virginia), listed as a widow. Since this is 1930, and I know she is not a widow, I'm figuring a separation. However, it appears that her death record (thanks to indexing by FamilySearch) indicates that she is married, not divorced or widowed. Warner Holt is nowhere to be seen in 1930, so I can't check to see whether or not he is listed as divorced or widowed. I've also not found further information on Abel Sams.

Norman and Ella Holt are still nowhere to be found after 1900. Norman is referred to as the "Late Norman Holt" in my grandfather's obituary - they were stepbrothers and former business partners. Some day, I hope to get a handle on where he died.

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