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Friday, July 2, 2010

Whew - Saved by the Library

As you may recall, I spent a few hours at the Lexington Public Library a couple weeks ago. Gee, maybe I should say last month, because time does fly.

I do try to be careful when I am copying things, but the thing is, their film printer is just a tiny bit "off." So you can imagine I was quite dismayed when we returned home (4 hour drive) and I discovered that I inadvertently clipped off the bottom of an article*. Dang!

No fear, making my way to the library's website, I discovered I could request the page via email. Which I did. I had the paper, the page and the column. Today my rear was saved by the arrival of said page.

Thank you, Lexington Public Library!

* This article will be the feature of an upcoming "Thriller Thursday" blog. Stay tuned.
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