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Monday, July 19, 2010

Relatively Speaking - Cousins That Blog: Happy Birthday Younger Daughter!

 How cool is this, it is my turn for the RSCTB (Relatively Speaking, Cousins That Blog) and it is also Younger Daughter's 28th birthday.

Not quite 2 years old
I didn't know it at the time, but my 28th birthday was my favorite. So much so that I stayed 28 for, well let's just say I am still 28 and leave it at that! So I am especially happy to wish younger daughter many happy returns. In honor of her 28th Birthday, I may just start telling people my real age. Or not.

Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Younger daughter, right with her big "sisser"

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  1. Yeah, and ain't they lucky they got my sense of humor too!

  2. Love you Momma! I do indeed have your smile and your sense of humor. Lucky me :-)

    I have decided 28 is going to be my favorite birthday as well :-)

  3. I just saw that you scheduled this for 1.27am :-) I did too on mine!! <3