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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Percival & Zimmeth

Sometimes you don't find a newspaper article for a wedding. Sometimes you can't even find a newspaper mention of a marriage license. Which for my parents at the time was probably a good thing.

Hank & Kaye on cruise for their 50th anniversary.
My parents drove to Fremont, Ohio in July of 1946, to be witnesses for friends who wanted to get married. Hank and Kaye, as they were known to their friends, those oh-so-crazy-and-impetuous-kids, decided what the heck let's get married, too on July 20th, 1946. I am sure my dad was thrilled as he had been chasing my mother for a while via letters while in the Navy during WWII and afterward when he was living in the same boarding house with his father that my mom and her sister, Margie also lived in.

The deed done, Hank and Kaye returned to Detroit and resumed their former living arrangements, Hank living with his father and Kaye with her sister, and did not clue anyone in to their newlywed status. Both were unemployed.

Life progressed in this fashion for three weeks until someone discovered that they had eloped.

My mother always told me that a fortune teller told her that she would be married twice. And so she was. On February 23, 1947 Kaye and Hank were again married, this time at St. Boniface Catholic church in Detroit.

So while I have no newspaper articles of my parents wedding, I have this great family story. Incidentally, yesterday would have been my parent's 64th wedding anniversary.

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  1. How did I never know this?! That is awesome. This is totally how it'll happen for me if I ever get married.

  2. The cruise was earlier than their 50th. I was still working for Detrex when they went, and I worked there from 85 to 89. I think we did it for their 40th in 1986, since no one was sure they'd be up for travel in another ten years.