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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Moaning ...*

 Wow! What a great Easter holiday. Our younger daughter drove down from Michigan for the weekend and we had great family time with her and our older daughter. Younger daughter is considering a move down here in the fall and we certainly wish her well in a search for a job. Her current employment is with a market research company and we hope that she will be able to relocate easily. Her actual destination is about an hour and a half west of us - Nashville. Sure would make holidays a lot easier on all of us!

I am happy to report I got accomplished nothing in a genealogical nature this weekend, except for sharing the weekend with those with whom I share my genes and my DH, of course.

*BTW, the title is reminiscent of the late great Bob Talbert a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. My high school English teacher got me hooked on his column in 11th grade.

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  1. Bob was one of my favorites, too. The paper is not the same, since they don't have the good columns. I stopped it when they dumped a couple of my favorites :(. I tried again this spring, and the Freep is a shadow of it's former self. (didn't mean to hijack your post)

    Glad you had a nice weekend with your family.

  2. Thanks for the nice reminder with the Monday Moaning. I too used to read his column regularly.