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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thriller Thursday - Suicide or Dosage Error? Mary Woodson Cade

 In this day and age most people know that you shouldn't overdose oneself with cold medication. I'm not sure Mary Lynn Woodson Cade knew this in 1960.

Mary Woodson was born January 26, 1919 in Temple, Texas to James Woodson and Mary E. Watkins. Her maternal grandparents were E. T. Watkins and Mattie Maitland, daughter of Alexander Maitland and Mary Oliphant, my great-great grandparents. She died June 13, 1960 in Houston, Texas of antihistamine poisoning at the age of 41.

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  1. Does she not have family that are still around? 1960 seems a little recent to share. These are public documents, though.

  2. I don't think there was as much awareness. I just finished posting about a guy who intentionally overdosed on morphine. It amazes me that 130 years ago you could simply send out for a few grains of morphine. I've read numerous newspaper articles of the time where people did this.

  3. And 150 years ago, women used arsenic for their complexion. Crazy.

  4. 200 years ago, the wallpaper could kill you! Bill Bryson's latest is an amazing tale of the history of our homes. I highly recommend it!