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Friday, April 22, 2011

Serendipitous Cemetery Searches

Ever walk into a cemetery and walk right to the grave site you were looking for? Or walk past a headstone and do a double take because there was a stone you didn't expect to find? Or look through a cemetery fence to see the family stones you are looking for heaving up around the trunk of a tree and have a burning desire to blog about it?

Actually all of these have happened to me, and the other night I dreamed about just the above scenarios. Including the blogging part. In my dream all of these scenarios happened in the same cemetery, one that I never visited before. The next morning when I was sipping that second cup of coffee, I surfed on over to Find A Grave and took a peak. Imagine my surprise when NONE of the people I was looking for were in the index.

But others were. I'll take 'em!

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  1. Regular people don't spend that much time in cemeteries until after they die.

    Just sayin'.