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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uh-Oh - OCFRD Relapse

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A while back, I discovered that I needed to make sure I had entered the section and plot numbers into the place details list for the burial fact/event in RootsMagic 4. I had decided I would use it, because it put the information right up front for me to see without digging into the source for it. The cemetery I am most concerned with is the Lexington Cemetery in Lexington, Kentucky. I research there a lot. Not only do I keep that information in RootsMagic, but I have a list by section in an Excel file of headstones I haven't attempted to find there yet. So I printed out a list of all burials I have in Lexington Cemetery. It's sixteen - yes that is 16 - pages long. Nine pages do not have the section and plots recorded in the place details. The first page was no problem. Starting on page two, I discovered a lot of these I had never posted on Find-A-Grave. Looks like that is going to be a simultaneous work in progress. Adding them is no problem, but then I like to link them to spouses, parents and add the headstone photos I took. Yeah. So not as quick as I thought. You can see my odd little notations (if you click to enlarge the image) in my weirdly upward slanting notes. Its a good thing they mean something to me. I might have to re-evaluate how I am going to handle this.

On the other hand my layers of paper on my desk have shrunk.

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  1. I know the feeling. Poking around in our database, both Diane & I uncover new things to do, especially things we thought we had done. A never ending cycle of report, oops!, correct, research, update, report, oops!, correct, research, update, report.....

  2. Some times when I read your posts, I think you are in my head. What i really liked is your attention to detail on the Find A Grave entries --- you really are a nice person. Hope you are greatly appreciated.

  3. Chuck - don't we know it!

    Joan - I don't know if I feel comforted or scared that other people think like me.