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Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Anniversary

I got so carried away by our day off and away from the house yesterday, that I almost forgot to blog today. And instead of my usual Sympathy Saturday, I just want to remember that tomorrow is our anniversary. No, not our wedding anniversary, but the anniversary of our first date. Yes, 34 years ago, he took me to a wedding. We looked so good together, we were mistaken for a married couple. On our first date. It happened on our third date, too! By the time it happened the third time we were just a couple weeks away from getting engaged.

Unfortunately, the couple whose wedding it was got divorced a few years later. The place where they held their reception was torn down and a strip mall replaced it. We no longer live in that state, so it really isn't like we'd go back there anyway! Tomorrow we will celebrate that wonderful beginning to our lifetime together.

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  1. My first date with Jim was January 31, 1981. We went to Big Boys. Since we were both 17, nobody mistook us for a married couple.