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Monday, March 11, 2013

Productive Weekend

I managed to find a few more tidbits of information on one family I am working on. Hooray. Saturday was nice and Sunday was warmer, if a bit windy.

DH managed to finish one of his projects outside, which was installing driveway reflectors in planter boxes so that the lawnmowers don't take the lights out. The last pair we had didn't even want to go in the ground. Then there was the guy with the RV who backed right into it. Didn't even see it. These are solar and reflected on four sides rather than the usual.

And Sunday was our 34th first date anniversary. We celebrated that with the help of older daughter.

I did laundry. Somehow there is always laundry.

And I scanned, and scanned and scanned. Some weeks back I had scanned all our wedding photos. Then I bought the Photo Restoration Kwik Guide and learned some new tricks. Which I am putting to use. Just a few more photos to re-scan and I can move on to something else. Or go back scrapbooking these photos, which was the original intention.

The cat name Mouse made a foray into my office which I didn't notice until I saw stuff all over the floor. Um. Yeah. I think I still have some organizational stuff to do here. I still have another pile to deal with, which was conveniently buried elsewhere for a time. Out of sight and definitely out of mind until Mouse "reminded" me.

And we survived yet another change to daylight savings time. I personally like DST. Especially since we moved to the eastern end of the central time zone five years ago. It really gets dark early here in the winter. So when DST finally kicks in every Spring, I am really ready for it. I just need to convince my body that it is an hour later.

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