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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - Frank Bowman Percival

If you saw my post for March 12th, you will know that my dad did not die on March 16, 2003. No that is the day of his funeral service. It was a memorable event in several ways.

One way was it was our first experience with losing a parent, which is traumatic no matter what your age. 

Another way it was memorable is that the funeral was held at the parish where my parents belonged for many years, and for which my dad worked. And he had a deep respect for the funeral home that took care of his arrangements. The funeral director knew my dad for many years and before the service I had the opportunity to chat with him in the back of the church. Enlightening and funny. My brother-in-law, Jim Wyatt, gave a great eulogy, as only someone who really knew my dad could.

And we had to talk the Veterans of Foreign Wars post honor guard out of giving my dad a full military salute. This, after all being a school day with kids in school at the time.

Also, burial did not take place locally or even the same day. My dad was buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan. That location was well out of range for my mother, who was basically an invalid. So we were further spared that sad event.

Original Headstone - replaced when my mother was buried.

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