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Monday, March 18, 2013

It Was a Playing Hookey Kind of Weekend

When it goes up to 72+ degrees in mid March anywhere - especially up on the Cumberland Plateau - you have to take advantage of it. I took the opportunity to do some spa maintenance and to do a little yard shopping with my DH. I exchanged many emails with friends and fellow researchers. Did some laundry. And boy, did we enjoy the mild weather on the deck Saturday night.

Sunday was almost as nice as Saturday. DH and I decided it was getting warm enough at night to put the winter comforter away and bring out the summer one. Of course, we're supposed to get some cooler weather now ...

I did a tiny bit of data entry, helped DH with purchase of a new printing calculator and played with our cat. She keeps trying to get out of the house when we are in the yard. We got a harness and a leash for her and until she got startled, she did okay. Managed to get out the harness and headed right for the back door and the safety of the house!

For me, it was a perfect weekend. Hope yours was just as good.

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