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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Freaked Out Friday - A Day Late

It has been nuts around here the last few months and this week it got crazier. I had been having issues with my old Dell XPS and Tuesday it died for good. Sigh. So we went out Thursday after looking around a bit and I now own a 17 inch Toshiba Satellite. I love it. Wish I could say the same for Windows 8 and 8.1. I had updated to 8.1, but refreshed my system because the sucker kept giving me the blue screen and the critical_structure_corruption message, after downloading and trying to install my My Memories scrapbooking software. Let me just say it took a while for it to refresh. And you'd get these messages ... setting up ... taking care of a few more things ... etc. Nuts! Sure made me nuts. So between yesterday and today, I re-install some of my software, transferred photos and my documents over. The documents files took well over an hour to transfer. The photos not so much. I am sure I will find a few more things to transfer in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I am still trying to make sure everything is there. Talk about stress.

On Friday, we did the annual Art Prowl. We even got a great 30 inch photo of the Middle Falls at Burgess Falls State Park. I love this town.

So back to work.

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  1. Last Christmas I bought a new desktop for mom that has Windows 8. She's love the computer but hates Window's 8.

    This summer, I also finally upgraded my old Dell. Once again, love the computer but hate Windows 8. One of these days, when I find some time, hopefully, I can learn enough about Windows 8 to be able to teach my mother how to use her computer. In the meantime, I just probably stay on the laptop, which has Widows 7.