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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maybe I Got it Right?

Nearly a week after I purchased my new laptop, I think I got it set up how I want it. Maybe. I finally configured the touchpad how I want it, mostly. I had to turn off the zoom feature because all I was doing was enlarging and miniaturizing my screens, by accident. I also finally have the palm check figured out. It was something I could never get right on my Dells. We'll see how it goes.

The last program that HAS to be on the new computer is my cookbook program, Master Cook. I've been using this on the recommendation of my good friend Karen K. I love it. I keep all my recipes in it and it is so easy to print something up when I am ready to cook. 

Sunday, I installed all the kits that go with my scrapbook program. Close to 200 of them, and each one had to be installed separately. Add to that the base kits that came with the program, which also had to be installed separately due to an issue with Windows 8.

I've quickly become adjusted to the larger screen. Wow, it sure makes a difference in Photoshop Elements, My Memories, ECAL (for my electronic cutter) and RootsMagic and Legacy. My screen is actually wider than DH's desktop screen.

Right now, I am a happy camper. Maybe I should work on my 2.5 inch pile o' paper!

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  1. Just upgraded to MasterCook 14 myself and moved it over to Parallels on the Mac. Love it. So easy to work with. Glad you like it as well.