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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Too Thursday: Time Out

It seems since DH and I returned from vacation, we've been really busy. Well, not just seems, we have been. Cabinets are installed and mostly filled in the craft room, living room ones remain empty for now. Monday, we took advantage of the 60+ degrees and drained and refilled the spa. That always brings more work because then the chemicals have to be adjusted.

Wednesday afternoon, younger daughter and her boyfriend came for dinner, along with older daughter. It was a great visit on a day which included spa maintenance, leaf blowing, a little shopping and swapping our stored paint from cans that were about to leak in the seams. 

So today, DH and I are taking a day off and going to visit my cousins in Knoxville. I am prepared to be exhausted when I get home. It's a fun day, but a long drive. Cousin's wife is an avid family researcher so we always have lots to talk about!

Enjoy your day!

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