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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Terrified - I Really Am!

Things I fear:

1. I am afraid that the pile on my desk will never go away. It certainly seems that way, since I am constantly adding to it.

2. I'm not really AFRAID of technology. I used to love "new" things and updates. Sometimes, though, they seem to overwhelm. I started using a computer when you had to learn DOS and Basic to understand how the computer worked and how to get from program to program. I embraced Windows 3.1. Then came along Windows 95 which screwed up computers everywhere.

3. I am afraid I will never get my photos organized and in albums. That is really my goal, to organizing everything by year and slap those suckers into scrapbooks and albums. Oh and scan them too.

4. I am afraid of taking on one more project. Seems that I hardly have the energy to accomplish everything I want to do now!

5. I am terrified of learning a new genealogy program (still waiting for Legacy Family Tree 8.0) which works in conjunction with Families app for my tablet. Also much trepidation with Windows 8. I seem to lost a lot of my shortcut keys, along with having to switch to a mouse.

and finally,

6. I'm afraid I'll run out of things to blog about. Hmmm. Nahhh!

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