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Monday, January 11, 2016

Organization Nut!

Okay, I really do like to be organized, but that pile-o-paper that was on my desk was making me nuts. Or nuttier.

This is how I work. I madly pull all the information I can find from an online database and it sits on the top of the pile on my desk until I add the person/information to my database.  Lately, I've been spending less time on the input than I like. Or I get distracted by seeing what else I can find on the subject of the record. This leads to my Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disorder.

Last year, I even found a solution to some of my piles-o-paper in this wonderful file box.

 Yeah. The second from top is the "file" section. I finally got to the filing and now that is all put away.

Then I sorted everything in my pile-o-paper. This is what it looked like after sorting.

But I wasn't done. I bought something to keep all this stuff OFF my desk except when I wanted it there. They call them wall pockets. This is clear plastic and open-ended and holds my legal size file folders. Love it.

And now my desk looks like the bottom photo.

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