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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Database Evolutions

Many years ago - back in 1987 when we got our first computer - I started seriously working on my genealogy with a program called Genealogy on Display. A friend referred to this program as GOD. It was a pre-Windows program that ran on our Tandy 1000. When we bought this behemoth, it did not even have a hard drive. You ran programs off floppy disks.

When we upgraded that Tandy 1000 with a hard drive and swapped out one of the 5.25" floppy drives for a 3.5" floppy, we thought we were really moving with the times.

Somewhere in there, I upgraded from GOD to Brother's Keeper. It was a great program and I used it for years. I much preferred it to the LDS church's Personal Ancestral File.

Then I found Family Origins and it was wonderful in Windows. I started with version 2 or 3. Like Brother's Keeper, you could link images to each person, but at the time, you could only link one. How limiting. But the program grew more wonderful with each generation until finally it evolved into RootsMagic.

Again, the program got better, but it had issues. For years, I could not print or even display a decent narrative report with footnotes rather than endnotes. At the time I wanted to print out everything on my mom's Zimmeth line.

I was hearing good things about Legacy. One of the things I liked the most was being able to backup your images (not just the links to the images) with the database or without.

I had owned version 7.5 deluxe for years but really wasn't impressed. Version 8.0 deluxe had me. I switched my stuff over there, did some database cleanup. And used it but a few things really were lacking. Most important, I missed being able to find someone by hitting Ctrl-F. I am a keyboard user. I was a medical secretary for 9 years and a library clerk for 10. I used the keyboard whenever I could. It was faster.

Well, after two years of using Legacy 8.0, I am making my way back to RootsMagic, current version 7. I am glad I am doing it, although it's not without its own issues in transferring.

Continue to watch for more on this. I am hoping it ends well.

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