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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Relative or Not?

Sometimes you need to be a detective to figure out the census. For instance, in 1920, I cannot find my John J. Ochsenfeld/Ochensfeld/Ochenfeld anywhere. He was probably born in Detroit, although I find no record. He was married the first time in Detroit, Michigan, his children were born in Michigan and in 1910, he is living in Detroit. In the 1919 and 1920 City Directory he is living in Detroit. So where the heck is he in 1920. His first wife died in Detroit in July of 1920. He married his second wife, my mother's aunt Rose, in Detroit in 1921. My mother lived with Rose and John in Detroit. In 1930 he is in Detroit. I guess in 1920, he was abducted by aliens. Along with his whole family.

Then on my dad's side - the Oliphant line, Alexander Oliphant is in Holdenville, Oklahoma in 1910, with his wife and some of his children. In 1920, he is still living in Holdenville with his wife and his three sons, Ralph, Alex and George, all minors, are listed as boarders. What?

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