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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thriller Thursday - Death Certificates - You Never Know What You'll See.

I am working on transcriptions for the state of Missouri Death Certificate project. As my followers know, this is a project near and dear to me.

You see many odd things on these death certificates. Some are nice, some are ridiculous (almost) and some are thoroughly tragic. Nice: the decedent work for the State Historical Society; ridiculous: he was born in Frankenstein, Missouri. Hey, you can't make up this stuff. Tragic: the young man of 35. I always look to see why someone that young dies. Usually it's due to an accident.  Since this death was accidental, I was surprised to see he died in a car due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Apparently this man was trying to keep warm with a camp stove.

The truly sad and tragic, was the death of a young 22 year old man. Cause of death was legal execution. This was also the last gas chamber execution in Missouri. I looked it up here.

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