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Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Branch of the Zimmeth Family.

I was trolling for information online earlier.  I noticed that had some Iowa deaths online (index only) and thought I would check for surnames. I always find something. After all, it is kind of naive to think that only my great-great grandfather and his children came to America, right?

Then for some reason, I put the surname "Zimmeth" in the search box. I came up with a Louis/Lewis Zimmeht in Kansas. This person was born in 1835 in France according to the 1895 Kansas State Census. A quick check of Find-a-grave revealed a headstone with his birthdate, April 19, 1835. B-i-n-g-o!

Next stop was family trees. No one has his parents. But, one researcher has gotten as close to Strasbourg. It was the Strasbourg Arrondisement, but the parish where they lived was Roeschwoog. Hot Diggity!

So now, I add another spelling for this family. Ziemet/Zimet/Zimmeth/Zimmet/Zimmeht/Simmet.

That doesn't even take into consideration that I found him in Kansas on the 1900 census as Louis Jarnet.Or 1880 in New York as Louis Zeminhut. And Simet in 1870.

A week or so ago when I was contemplating whether I would renew my Fold3 account (I did) I rationalized the renewal by the availability of Civil War Records. I'm really glad I did because I found this gem. He became the one and only Zimmeth/Simmet/Zimmeht to serve during the civil war.

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  1. Hey, cool! I have taken a look at the Roeschwoog records and Louis's father was Sebastien Z, who is already in my tree! Thanks for the tip!