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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What About Us?

I've been working on census, birth, marriages and deaths for so long that I've neglected something really important. And it goes back to February of 2014. Well, earlier than that, but 2014 was when I was sidetracked.

On February 16th of that year, I was going in our back yard to do some spa maintenance when I missed a step and broke my ankle. Actually it was an avulsion fracture and pretty nasty as the soft tissue goes. It kept me out of my office for at least two months and longer since I found it difficult to sit without my ankle swelling for quite a while.

Previous to the break, I had started saving current pictures so that I could add them to my database. I just couldn't while I was taking pain meds. Then they got pushed aside for other things.

This weekend I opened my database and realized I hadn't added any family photos since the end of 2012. OMG. I found a good routine of copying them to a holding file, renaming and dating them and then adding to the database. A little slow, but I made it through May of 2013.

Sure, I still have death certificates, census, marriage records, birth records to add, but I am working on my immediate family and that feels good. And its really good to get to dating those photos and identifying while I remember the occasion, the date and the subjects!

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