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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Can't Tell the Players Without a Scorecard?

I admit I was trolling for records the other day. Mostly, I was looking for Manville Joseph Chinn who died in Alabama in 1956. I found him finally, after locating a marriage record to his second wife.

Then I got curious about how he was related to me. Eight ways, through the Webbs, Chinns, Graves (4 different ways) Kirtleys and Bufords. The Chinn and Graves line cross as do the Chinn and Webb lines, as well as the Webb and Graves lines.

His first wife, Lucile DeNevers Carter, is related to me in two different ways. Obviously through the Carters and then through the Vivians.

But then, Manville is also related through the Carters (his grandmother was a Carter) and the Vivians who married into the Webb line and the Carter line. So you see, both have separate connections to me and then to each other.  So their children, Mildred and Lester are not only siblings, but third cousins once removed, fifth cousins, fifth cousins once removed, sixth cousins and seventh cousins once removed. Holy cow!

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