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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year - 2017 - So I'm a Little Late

2016 started off great. The middle part was ok as we anticipated our above ground pool installation. From September on, things went down hill.

Finally, 2017 started on an up note. And I tell you everyone in our family here in town was glad to see the new year start.

So here I am, on day four of the new year, finally trying to get my office organized and get back to working on my family history. It really took a beating last year except for the short trip up to Lexington, Kentucky. Parts of my family have been there since the 1770s. Maybe even slightly earlier?

But I am easily distracted, hence this post. Or playing with my cat, Mouse, who adores the tennis ball I bought for our daughter's beagle. I may just buy dog toys for her from now on.

As I get back to my tasks, I wish you all an organized, productive New Year!

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