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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sarah Laudeman Parker Where Are You?

Sarah Laudeman married my kinsman, John Parker on March 26, 1846 in Lexington, Kentucky. Unfortunately, Sarah died on December 24, 1850 at the age of 36. And herein lies the question.

Where was Sarah buried? I find no record of her in the Lexington Cemetery where her husband and at least his second wife are buried.  It's possible she was buried in a family burying ground, but most burials from the Parker family are in the Lexington Cemetery. I have records of many of my kinsmen and women who were moved from the family burial plots on their land into the cemetery.

My curiosity was aroused when a few years ago I found the headstone next to her husband of his second wife, Joseph Ann Parker. Until a year ago, I had no idea what her maiden name was. Further research revealed that John Parker did what so many widowers did, he married his first wife's sister. When I found that headstone for Joseph Ann, I had no idea he had been married to her sister, no idea who his first wife was and when she died. Thanks to local Lexington, Kentucky newspapers, I now have his marriage to his first and second wives and their death announcements. Maybe I'll stumble across Sarah's headstone some day. And yes, it is worth another trip to the cemetery to see if she is there.

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