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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yesterday, I blogged about being late, getting distracted. I think I whittled down my stack of paper by three sheets. Arghhh.

In the afternoon, hubby and I ran some errands, came home, and after closing the garage door, discovered that the spring on our garage door broke. Fortunately the car is outside. That's the good news. The bad news is that the repairman can't come until tomorrow. The worse news is that we are expecting snow overnight. If we get snow he won't be here until next week.

In the meantime, I am trying to sort through the paper. I must enter information from the paper, file the paper, shred the paper, or recycle the paper.

And it's the time of year when I am inundated with health care stuff from hubby's former employer. Now, he was an employee of this company for 17.5 years. Then they sold the division he worked for and he worked for them about 15 years. The said division went belly up and was bought by a foreign entity after hubby retired. He ended up working for that company about 3 years, part time. So we get the bulk of our retirement and benefits from the original employer who dictate how we live. The rest we get from the US Government, since they took over bankrupt company's pension. But since this is a banner year for me, I no longer need to heed the original company's mandates. They know this, but still send me crap. So I was surprised to see a COBRA notice. Really?

At least for now the phone calls from health care companies have stopped. When you spend your day dealing with all these idiots who call repeatedly even after you tell them to stop, you don't get much done.

I'm going back to work on my pile. NO INTERRUPTIONS, please.

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