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Thursday, September 8, 2022

RootsMagic 8 for Mac

I have had the opportunity over the holiday weekend to test RootsMagic 8.  Yes, it came out a year ago and I was part of the community testing. However, I had some persistent errors on my Mac when working in the program. 

When RootsMagic reached out to me recently to test the program for the errors I was experiencing, I jumped at the chance.  I am so glad I did. 

First, let me say that I love RootsMagic 8.  I've used this program since it's inception, owning every version of it including its progenitor Family Origins.  About the same time I decided I was done with Windows and was going to migrate to a Mac,  RootsMagic announced they were making  the program usable on a Mac with the help of an emulator.  I felt like I was coming home. 

Then came the official news that RootsMagic was working on a totally new RootsMagic which would also have a native Mac version.  I couldn't wait, became a community tester, but was disappointed with the errors I kept experiencing. 

Now I was given a holiday weekend to work in the new program. First, I made a new database, adding people, facts, sources, images and tasks - the old to-do list from previous versions.  I experimented with folders for the tasks, and worked for hours a day for the next four days without a single error message. And I worked in complete silence about what I was doing except for the daily diary I kept. 

That was probably the hardest part for me, keeping silent!  I made it through the entire weekend without the dreaded access violation error.  I reported in on Tuesday, gave my results and later that day, RootsMagic version 8.2.5 was released.  

This is really a great program and very reasonably priced at $39.95, which compared to the other Mac genealogy programs, is very reasonable. If you have a license to a previous version, you can save $10. 

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