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Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Census -This Does Make Me Want to Cry

Yesterday, cousin Karen sent this link about the 2010 census. Apparently NO IMAGES are to be preserved from the 2010 Census. I'm astounded. What it means is that your future grandchildren, or great grandchildren won't have that resource to go through and find info about us in 2082. Someone suggested making sure you made copies of your census form. What good this will do, I'm not sure, unless someone collects and films them and makes them available in 72 years.

My DH, love him as I do, hates the fact that even 72 years later, that information is available about people who are possibly living. Anyone who sees the information his mother gave is going to be misled anyway, because she was so nervous she made DH born in 1946 and their marriage in 1949 instead of the other way around!

So, better get those family histories published or pass them on to someone who cares about the family history!

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  1. Some discussion about this on Facebook, found this link,

    some are questioning, just WHAT these people are destroying.

    Maybe we have hope yet??

  2. "Data Killers" seems to be an appropriate name for this company.