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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sympathy Saturday - Edmund Shackelford DeLong

On June 18, 1899, Edmund Shackelford DeLong died in Lexington, Kentucky of Leukemia. He was buried in Lexington Cemetery.


To Mr. E. S. DeLong at the Close of a Beautiful Sabbath Day.


Mr. E. S. DeLong, the wealthy real estate dealer, died at his residence on North Limestone Street at 6:30 o'clock on Sunday evening, after an illness of several months of impoverished blood.

Final arrangements for the funeral have not been made, but it will probably be held from the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday afternoon. In the death of Mr. DeLong Lexington loses one of her best citizens. He was a man who took a great interest in the advancement of the city, and was always ready to do the city good. In the past he was prominently identified with city affairs, having held the office of superintendent of public works under Mayor Duncan. He was also a member of the City Council about twenty-five years ago.

Mr. DeLong was born in Greensburg, Ky., in 1842, and at an early age removed to Bowling Green, where he secured an education. In 1862, he came to Lexington, and with his brothers, Allie and Amie DeLong, engaged in the wholesale and retail implement business on Cheapside. They conducted this business for many years and amassed fortunes, and only retired a few years ago to engage in other business.  Mr. DeLong served the city faithfully as superintendent of public works under the Duncan administration, and after retiring from office, he engaged in the real estate business on Cheapside with his son James, which he conducted until his death.

Mr. DeLong was a deacon in the First Presbyterian Church, of which he was a lifetime member. He took great interest in affairs pertaining to the church, and was promptly identified with its mission and Sunday school work.

The disease which caused his death, was impoverished blood. He has been in failing health for several months  but it was not until recently that his condition became serious. He went to a sanitarium in Danville, N.Y. and remained there two months receiving treatment, but it little effect on him, and a few days ago he returned.  He grew steadily worse, and through everything in the power of physicians was done to prolong life, death became the master, and Sunday evening surrounded by his family and bosom friends, his soul took its flight just at the close of a beautiful Sabbath day.

Mr. DeLong is survived by his wife, who was Miss Fannie Lucas of Danville, and four children - Misses Daisy, Katherine, Belle and James.

To his manly young son, who was his continual companion; to his daughters who had his constant and tenderest care, and to the wife for whom a life time of devotion attested his great love, the deepest sympathy goes out today in their sorrow for the loss of this generous and gentle father, husband, companion and friend

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  1. Somebody in one of your previous posts, maybe a Thriller Thursday? was killed near train tracks or something on or near Cheapside in Lexington, KY. If I can remember that, why do I need a Palm Pilot for my appointments?