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Monday, October 10, 2011

One More Thing Added to the Pile!

Yeah, I am a Procrastinator. And that is with a capital P. I've been putting off a lot of stuff this year and one of the things I've been procrastinating about is the box of albums that belonged to my father-in-law. The albums themselves are cute - especially the ones he brought back from the Pacific during WWII. It's the contents. I'm hoping we can toss the pictures of dead Japanese soldiers. It has always offended me that he kept those. It borders on gloating.

So being the Procrastinator that I am I buried them under one of the tables in the storeroom. Those I will deal with last!

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  1. While I've not seen them, my father-in-law held on to similar photos. Rumor has it that at one point he was offered something like $10,000 for the photos from LIFE magazine. So maybe you can dispose of them and make a little money in the process?