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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Too-Too Thursday - 1940 Done - Sort of!

Happy Dance in Tennessee as I celebrate the end of  the search phase of the 1940 census. The Zimmeth family gave me the usual trouble, with only my mom's brother and sister being indexed correctly. Mom was indexed as Sammeth on and Tommeth on Her father, not unexpectedly was not found. Also not found was his third wife, Ruth Ellen Bowsher/Smeaton Hessling Stanley Moore. (See previous posts about this wild woman.) By 1940 I think she was divorced from Thomas Lloyd Moore, who was already married when he married Ruth. I tried searching for her by just her first name and couldn't pinpoint her that way either. Another missing Zimmeth is my mom's first cousin Leo. I presume he was using an alias at the time since I can't find him or his wife. Since I am aware of only one alias for him, I think he just evaded the census taker. Grandpa was probably living on the streets of Detroit by 1940. Now to start working on prepping those census for transcription and sourcing!

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