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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excuse Me for Being Distracted, But ...

I am sure I am no different than people everywhere, who are shocked and dismayed by the recent events in Japan. Lately, I have found it difficult to tear myself away from the horror, let alone the possible meltdown of 4 nuclear reactors in the tsunami zone.

When I am not working on my family history, cleaning house, scrapbooking, sorting photos or reading a book on my Nook, I am glued to the videos of those damn nuclear reactors hoping and praying that there isn't a huge nuclear disaster in Japan. Is disaster inevitable? Should countries build nuclear power plants when they experience earthquakes that frequently? I don't know, but I am glued to the news.

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  1. Since I have a grandson stationed at Yokosuka, I have been watching closely. His ship is underway at this time, but many of the US community connected with the base(about 25,000) are rattled and concerned. We are praying for all affected, and trying to keep a mostly normal routine. Not that easy.