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Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally, Friday!

Boy, am I glad this week is almost over. I have been so scattered that my blogs have all been done on-the-fly and almost at the last minute. Finally, the Missouri Death Certificate project is done, for now. I'm sure once I get the 130 death certificates I found entered, I'll be back in there looking for more.

We're still working on clearing out my father-in-law's apartment in the assisted living facility where he was residing. For the amount of space and time he was there, there is a lot of stuff. The room in the nursing home has little room for storage, so now comes the arduous task of figuring out what gets stored at our house and what will fit there.

Older daughter, who was the recipient of some of the furniture, returned a 4 foot long narrow table to us, and I have put it to good use in the store/craft room. Now I have some place to start sorting her pictures for her album. I hate doing that kind of stuff at the dining room table.

Today was the 32nd anniversary of DH's and mine first date. It was a wedding. That marriage didn't last more than a year or two, unfortunately, but ours has weathered the test of time. We celebrated by going out for lunch.

Over at Geneablogger's site, Thomas has posted Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Blogs. While my blog was nominated, I did not make the final cut. But it was so awesome being considered. If you haven't seen the 40 Best yet, click on the link above and see if any of the ones you voted for were included. Congratulations to everyone on the list.

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