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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thriller Thursday - Alfred W Stanhope - 1936

This Alfred W. Stanhope was a grandson of Alfred Wheeler Stanhope (see Thriller Thursday here) who was shot and killed at the polls, not due to his vote, but was shot by the father of a boy Alfred's son was feuding with. Alfred, the grandson, was shot and killed by a policeman on March 24, 1936 in Louisville, Kentucky and was shot in the back and abdomen. Unfortunately, I've not found anything that explains this tragic and terrible death of a 27-year-old man. Alfred's father, Also Alfred W. Stanhope in a space of 36 years lost his father and son to cops with guns. It's intriguing and maybe someday I will find out why.

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  2. The A. W. Stanhope to which you refer was my maternal grandmother's second husband. His father was killed in Midway, but I didn't realize that his son was also killed. I'm not sure how or when this A.W. died. Any ideas? Apparently he was born in 1882.

    1. Actually, the grandson could have been the son of one of pere Stanhope's other boys.

    2. Nicolas,

      This A. W. Stanhope was born in 1843. The Stanhopes loved using the same names over and over ....

    3. The one shot in Louisville was Alfred William (b. 1908), while the two priors were Alfred Wheeler. This one is buried in the Midway, Kentucky cemetery.

    4. So confusing, the A.W.s. Yes, his grandfather, the old Confederate killed in Midway, was born in 1843.

      I have yet to flush out the A.W. between the two except that he was born in 1882 and one of this wives was my grandmother.