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Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Were You Elizabeth Edge?

In leafing through some probate records, I came across this probate entry in Lafayette county, Missouri:

January term 1869 7th day January

Estates of Joseph W. Bowman, Edwin Bowman, Frank G. Bowman, & Clifton Bowman, minor heirs of Elizabeth Edge, decd. and children of John P. and Mary E. Bowman. }

        Now at this comes

Mary E. Bowman, guardian of the persons and Estates of said minors and makes 1st annual settlement of said Estates as follows:

Mary E. Bowman, guardian                                    To Said Estates             Dr.
Contra                                                Cr.
No. 1    By amt of Drs bill paid to P and J B Temple for Clifton Bowman        12.00
No. 2    By paid Wm H Ruffin           7.50
       By paid Doct. Smith Do             3.00
        To Edwin Bowman
No. 3   By amt of Drs bill to Dr. to Doctor Smith           1.00
No. 4   By amt of Tuition to G. M. Catron
No. 5   By amt paid for pair boots to Porter and Graves      4.00
No. 6   By amt paid G. M. Catron for tuition             10.00

Voucher to Frank G. Bowman
No. 7   Paid Porter and Graves for Boots              4.00
No. 8   By amount S____ of Clagett                    10.00
      By amount fees of Probate for all to date          5.00

Pretty interesting, but who the heck was Elizabeth Edge. I think she might be a Parker/Todd descendant, which would make her an aunt or cousin of John Parker Bowman. This is high on my to-do list for my next trip to Lexington, Kentucky. Can't wait!

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