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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History, Week #30 Employment

You know, I don't normally do these challenges because I usually have enough to write about, but this one caught my interest.

My first job. Hmmm. There is the first job I loved and the first one I hated. The first one that I loved was babysitting for the C. family way back when I was in high school. Mrs. C. was a teacher who taught at the Catholic grade school where all of us kids attended, and where my dad was the custodian. Actually, he was much more than a custodian, but this is my job description, not his.

The C. family had a new baby girl, their first child, and needed a babysitter for the day of a funeral. Mrs. C. asked my dad if he could recommend someone, and he recommended me. It was really a good fit and soon Mrs. C. was asking my folks if I could go to Canada with them for two weeks as a their nanny. I would board with the other employees at the lodge they were going to stay at. I went and had a ball. Babysitting their little one was a little boring, but she was no trouble at all. I was sixteen at the time and was staying with college students who worked at the lodge during the summer. Of course, babysitting at that time was really low paying, but the C's were great to sit for. I have the distinction of coaxing their Siamese cat, Kinky to eat again after she ate one of little C's socks. They also gave me the nickname of Anni the Nanny. I would continue to babysit their family until I started college.

The other first job I had, the one that actually paid me and for which I had to show up on time, was at the aforesaid Catholic church where my dad was also the custodian. I was not fond of the pastor, and in fact lived in fear that he would yell at me. It was my duty to answer the phones, take money from parishioners requesting masses, type the Sunday bulletin on a mimeo sheet and run it off in the morning. I also had to set the evening meal out on days I worked after school. It was boring, extremely low paying and I was not upset to leave for a real job after a year.

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  1. I very vaguely recall you working at the Rectory, but have no recollection of the other job. Keep going! This is something I wish mom and dad had done..

  2. Well, dad's first job was at a supermarket. He worked for the big 3, probably all in the winter of 1942. He was in the Navy. Worked for Healy-Gargaro doing underground construction, and St. Roberts. Ran a cleaning service for other churches and businesses when I was in grade school. Worked for Mayer Janitorial supply (on 7 and Beech.)

    Mom worked as an Au Pair for the Hopkins (Mack & Hoppy), worked at Fisher Body during the war and then for Immigration; She worked at Federal's for a brief time when I was 9; then Folands. I think that's as close as I can get.