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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Percival & Fish

One of my favorite resources for Cape Cod, besides the Vital Records of Sandwich, Massachusetts series that I own, is the Benjamin Percival Diary. Benjamin was a great-grandson of James Percival, our earliest known Percival ancestor in America. I've actually read Benjamin's diary cover-to-cover and for the most part it relates the every day minutiae of weather, crops, births, marriages and deaths.

Today's wedding took place July 13, 1800 in Sandwich, Barnstable county, Massachusetts between Benjamin's son Joseph Percival (b. 11/17/1776 d. March 1807 at sea) married Sally Fish (b. abt 1785 d. abt 1858). Here is what Benjamin has to say about it:

Monday July 14th yesterday Joseph was married to Sally Fish today brought his wife here not much wedding.

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