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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Percival & Humphreys

At Truckee, July 27 (1873), C. Humphrey to Mrs. F. B. Percival.

Placer County (California) Herald, Aug 9, 1873
Doesn't seem to mean much, does it?  In fact, Mrs. F. B. Percival was Fanny (Banks) Percival, the widow of Egbert Davis Percival, my second great granduncle. The last mention I have of Fanny was the 1880 census of Truckee, Nevada county, California. She had lived in Rocklin, Placer county, with her husband, Egbert and her son, Henry. C. Humphreys was Charles Williams Humphreys and the last record I found of him was in 1898 in the California Voter's Registrations (see yesterday's post.) Like Egbert's nephew, Herbert Davidson Percival, I keep looking for further traces of this line.

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