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Friday, July 15, 2011

Census Takers - Friends or Foes?

God forbid that I EVER become a census taker, because 72 years from now I would hate for genealogists to rag on me due to my spelling.

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Case in point, is one Marshall Goodspeed Ewer, a fourth cousin five times removed on the Percival side. According to the DAR Descendants Database, he died in Lamar county, Texas. A search of the 1850 census did indeed find him there on line 28, his wife Urena (also possibly Urania) on line 29 and son Wm Henry on line 30. But in getting to those lines I found on line 22, Elisha Purshaville. Yeah, even I am rolling my eyes on that one. It's possible that this could be Marshall's uncle Elisha Percival. Also enumerated with Elisha is the Nowell family, and Urena's maiden name is indeed Nowell. Interesting.

More research into Elisha is obviously necessary. Hope my instincts are correct!

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