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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thriller Thursday - The Thirty Cent Murder

Sometimes, these murders just blow me away. Sorry for the pun.  Henry Ringo was may third cousin twice removed through the Bowman line. Don't forget to click on the image. To return to this page, use your browser's back button.

Lexington Herald, 12/28/1917, p7


Deputy U.S. Marshal Fires Bullet Into Head of Henry M. Ringo, of Mt. Sterling

MT. STERLING, Ky., Dec. 27. - Henry M. Ringo, city clerk of Mt. Sterling, and one of the city's most prominent young businessmen, was shot and instantly killed about 11:30 o'clock last night at his cafe here by Porter C. Eubanks, deputy United States marshal, following an argument over thirty cents in change. Only one shot was fired, the bullet passing through Ringo's heart. Eubanks was immediately arrested and lodged in the county jail to await examining trial.

The shooting is said by eye witnesses to have been unprovoked and feeling against the slayer of young Ringo has been high. A country dance was in progress in the hall over Ringo's cafe, and Eubank, who was attending, came downstairs to purchase a sandwich. He was served by Mr. Ringo himself. In making change Eubank claimed that he had thirty cents coming to him. It is said Mr. Ringo had a clerk to give him the change, but Eubank continued to argue. Mr. Ringo was unarmed and had just laid aside a knife with which he had been slicing bread for sandwiches and turned to face Eubank when the latter pulled his pistol and shot him.

The body was removed to an undertaking establishment by Coroner Eastin and the funeral will probably be held Saturday afternoon at the Presbyterian church. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Dan Priest of Forth Worth, Texas, and Mrs. John A. Judy of this city, and one brother, H. B. Ringo, local groceryman. He was 31 years old and unmarried.

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  1. Pretty interesting! My great-grandfather Charles Arthur Rogers was born near Mt Sterling in 1870. Where did you find this clipping?

    Ruth Stephens

  2. The Lexington Herald via

  3. You know I keep returning and returning as we share an interest in Mt. Sterling. Perhaps you recall that the husband of my g-grandmother committed suicide in Mt. Sterling after being involved in a shooting. This was in the 1880s.

  4. Ok, thanks! Gotta check that out!