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Monday, September 12, 2011

B-O-L-O: Be On the Lookout, part 1

Periodically I like to get the names I am researching out there. After all, I have some lines that absolutely DRIVE ME NUTS to research.

Bowman - My dad's maternal line. This line started in Germany and emigrated to Pennsylvania where they hooked up with Joist Hite's family -- literally. My ancestors Hans Georg Bowman/Baumann married Mary Hite, a daughter of Joist. My line - through Georg & Mary's son Abraham moved into Kentucky and then parts beyond. My own father was born in Missouri and the family moved to Michigan when he was about 3. The only Bowman I have issues with is Clifton Bowman, my dad's great uncle, brother to my great grandfather. He was last seen on the 1880 census when he was in his twenties. He is not buried with the family.

Carter - Ah yes, This is one of those problem areas. My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Carter (Webb) Bowman was the granddaughter of Edwin Webb and his wife, who also appears to be Elizabeth.  This is one of my biggest stumbling blocks. The family as far as I know originated from Virginia.

Chinn - another of dad's maternal line. The Chynns came from England and settled in Virginia. I happen to descend from an illegitimate line. Apparently my ancestor Rawleigh Chinn didn't get along too well with his legal spouse, Esther Ball, so he lived with Margaret Ball Downman and was censured for it. This illegitimate line eventually made their way into Kentucky where they hooked up with the Bowmans.

Parker & Todd - As long as we're in Kentucky, we might as well talk about the Parkers and the Todds. My ancestor William Bowman, son of Abraham Bowman (above) and Sarah Henry, married Nancy Todd Parker. Yes, her mother was a Todd.

Webb - This line is fairly well documented back to Virginia. Some of the names that repeat are John Vivion Webb and William Crittenden Webb and John Garland Webb or just Garland Webb. Great grandmother Elizabet Webb Bowman was the daughter of John Garland Webb of Lafayette County, Missouri. She married Frank Bowman.

Another surname from this maternal line of my father Virginia that I research is Graves.  My great-great-great-grandparents Dr. Joseph Graves Chinn and his wife Barbara Garland Graves are first cousins. This is another line that is wonderfully documented.

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