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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kentucky Wills, Elijah Kirtley, Senior -or- Who Bought What

I will admit that I really wasn't paying that much attention to the sale of the personal property of  Elijah Kirtley, Senior in Boone county, Kentucky in September of 1835. But then, as I scanned down the pages, I saw little surprises - to me anyway - of who was buying what.

First of all, not everything was sold. Items were withheld for the use of the widow. An earlier inventory shows that Elijah Kirtley owned 20 slaves. These were also not included in this sale.

Ann Kirtley - Widow, bought: 1 blind bridle & stops, 1 pair decanters, 1 churn, and 2 hay forks. Obviously a practical woman!

Elijah Kirtley, Jr. - Son, bought 1 wood saw, 1 set brushes, 1 patent lever gold watch (at $180.00), 2 salt stands, 1 hone, 1 bay colt, 1 shotgun, 1 buffalo rug, 1 bear @ $5 and 1 bear @ $4.50. (I blew this up as large as possible and don't see any ditto marks to say that these were bear rugs.  It also doesn't say bear meat. It says bear!

William Kirtley - Son, bought a map of the U.S. for $2.12; 3 razors, box, strap, brush, etc; 2 volumes of American Revolution; 3 other books.

Joel H. Kirtley (aka J H Kirtley) - son, bought 1 coverlet, 1 pitcher, 1 large dish and 1 hearth rug.

Richard Kirtley - son, bought 1 pair looking glasses, 1 sauce pot, and 1 bay mare.

Polly Weathers/Withers - daughter, 1 brown mare.

John S. Percival - son-in-law, 1 set of tablespoons, 1 set of teaspoons and 2 pieces of carpeting.

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