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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dad, This One Was for You!

While on vacation in Virginia in mid September. my DH and I went to Belle Grove Plantation. It was a most satisfactory visit.

The first cool thing that happened was we were walking up to the mansion and were joined by another woman, Connie, who as it turned out was a Hite descendant from the Chrisman line. I descend from the Bowman line. Now how cool is that! I found a new relative just walking in to the museum shop!

Then, inside the shop, I mentioned I wanted to find Harmony Hall, which is not open to the public. Well, it is occupied and even though it is owned by Belle Grove, It is rarely open. Next schedule open date is next year during the Hite Family Association reunion.  You can guess that I am working on DH for that! Anyway, I have never had such a reaction of excitement on revealing that I am a Bowman descendant. My dad would have been so thrilled to have been there.

The desk in the right foreground was owned by the Bowman family. It is a slant front and is gorgeous. The desk is in the library at Belle Grove, where the children of Major Isaac Hite studied and sometimes taught by their mother.

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