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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Letter from Great-Great-Great Grandma!

This letter was written by my great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Ann Percival Webb nee Kirtley to my great-great grandmother Susan Percival nee Davidson. In it she mentions several family members. It has taken me many years to figure out who everyone was. The people she mentions will have a -number after their name, i.e. -1, -2, etc.  I do find it curious that she does not mention either of her sisters. Elila/Delila/Delia Kirtley Rucker was still alive in 1863. I can't say that I know what happened to Polly Kirtley Withers. I do believe she died in 1866. Why Sarah doesn't mention her, I do not know.Possibly she was in contact with both of them and Sue, her daughter-in-law was acquainted with William Kirtley since they lived nearby.
January 5, 1863

Dear Sue

                I feel thankful to hear from you and the children again as I have through Kate's letter.  I am glad to hear you are all well and your children are so good and you are provided for for the present.  I have thought of writing often since John-1 left, but it seamed I had not the heart to do it.  I was so in hopes he would not go to the army again, that I find it hard to be reconciled to it but my hope is in God that he may spare him yet to his family and make him a useful member of society and an living witness of his grace and goodness.  O that it was his will to stay this strife and say that it was enough and we may face peace in all our borders again, but the proclamation has gone forth and we may expect a servile war wherever the Federals go and where they can't go they will send armies if they can.  Will the border states sit still will they still furnish Lincoln with men to fight his battles and make themselves his servants.  God knows what is best but I hope he will be the saviour of the south yet and I hope the Southern people are all looking to Him as with one heart for his mercy and grace to be their deliverer and defender to bring them to a desired end.

                We have been greatly favored in this County.  We have not suffered much from soldiers but still the southern people are all in bonds.  We have more liberty of speech since the elections over the river and some of the union men show some symptoms of friendship again.  They begin to think the rebellion won't be put down before breakfast.  Jabe-2 has gone out on a collecting tour.  He expects to go through Missouri and will stop to see you if he can.  I did not know he was going until he was gone.  I have requested his wife-3, when she wrote to him to say to him to give you ten dollars if he had it to spare for me and will replace it when I see Kate-3 if he should not get a letter from her before he sees you, just show him this and he will do it if he has the money with him. I suppose you see brother Will-4 and sister Lizzy-5 Sometimes. It would be a great pleasure for me to see them again.  Give my love to them and Shelby's wife.  Tell sister to write to me all about her children.  Ask brother if he knows anything of Brother Elijah-6.  Brother Joel-7 was living in Indiana not far from New Albany farming.  Where is your mother and sisters.  Write when you get this and give me all the news when you write to John give my love to him and say a few lines from him will be very acceptable.  The friends here are generally well.  Jabe will give you all the news.  Write may God bless you and your children and the entire family that you live with and keep you through his grace from all evil and harm and give you grace to live to his honor and praise here and hereafter to be numbered with his redeemed to praise that eternity that is to have no end.

Yours affectionately,          
S. A. Webb
Who's Who?
-1. John - John Stearns Percival who was off fighting at this time in the 5th Missouri Cavalry (Confederate). He died during the battle for Little Rock, Arkansas. He was Sarah Kirtley Percival Webb's son.
-2. Jabe - Jabez Percival - another son of Sarah Kirtley and John Percival. He lived in Covington, Kentucky while his mother lived with her second husband, Lewis Webb in Burlington, Kentucky. He married:
-3. wife, Kate - Catherine Ambler Bush, or Kate was married to Jabez Percival in 1859. She was his first cousin.
-4. William Kirtley, Sarah's brother, lived in Lafayette county, Missouri as did John and Sue Percival.
-5. Lizzy. Lizzy or Elizabeth Shelby Kirtley, William Kirtley's wife.
-6. Elijah. Elijah Kirtley, another of Sarah's brothers. Apparently Sarah didn't know where he was or hadn't heard from him. I have in my notes that he died in 1885 but I don't have any evidence to back that up.
7. Joel. Joel Kirtley, another of Sarah's brothers.

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