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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thriller Thursday - Frank Singer, Sr.

Frank Singer, Sr. was the first husband of my father-in-law's "Aunt Sally." Sally was actually Salome Franckowiak. Sally and Frank were married in Detroit, Michigan October 18, 1899. Frank was a machinist, although I don't know what company he worked for.

Unfortunately, I don't know the circumstances of the "accident" but he was killed by falling lumber that crushed his face, and possibly his skull, on April 12, 1910.  It's possible he was at work when this happened, although the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press did not elicit an obituary or report of the accident. He left his wife and four children. It appears the fifth child was born after Frank's death.

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  1. I also wondered why I could not readily find newspaper accounts of serious accidents resulting in deaths and I asked some of my fellow researchers. We came up with the idea that these things happened so frequently that it wasn't unusual, and it did not make it into the newspaper.

  2. Well, also, he was Polish. Will have to check the Polish newspaper.